Preparing Your Parcel

Here are some handy tips to help you prepare your parcel for shipping with DPD Ireland.
We are committed to delivering your parcels in a careful and timely manner. As parcels are handled several times during this process, all items carried need to be packed to a high standard to ensure that they arrive in pristine condition.

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General Guidelines
  • All consignments must be packaged securely and sufficiently for transportation.
  • Consignments may be comprised of up to 10 parcels. Every parcel must be individually addressed and barcoded.
  • Parcel length may not exceed 1.75m internationally and 1.2m domestically with a maximum weight of 31kg. Non-conveyable surcharge may apply - please see list of items here: https://dpd.ie/Shipping/Non-Conveyable-Items
  • Volumetric calculation applies to bulky pieces 
  • Pallets may be broken down – we cannot guarantee that pallets will travel intact. Please ensure that each parcel is individually labelled
  • Certain goods are carried at consignor’s risk. See Goods carried but not Insured 
  • Please also refer to Goods Banned from Carriage for detailed list of product which may not be transported by DPD Ireland 

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Volumetric Calculation

Calculate the Volumetric Weight of your Parcel