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How do I open an account with DPD?

Just contact your local depot or email sales@dpd.ie and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible to set you up as a customer.

How do I contact a sales representative?

Email us at sales@dpd.ie and we will pass your enquiry to a sales executive based in your area, who will contact you as quickly as possible.

Where are DPD located?

DPD Ireland has a network of 34 depots in Ireland, making us the largest parcel delivery network in Ireland.  Our central sortation hub is located in Athlone, Co. Westmeath.  To find your local depot, click here.

How do I request a collection?

Simply request a collection with your local depot by email, phone or fax.

What time will my parcels be collected?

Your depot should be able to give you an approximate collection time

I need a parcel delivered by 10am. Is this possible?

Yes, DPD can make Timed deliveries, simply arrange this with your local depot. Please note this service incurs an extra charge and must be pre-booked with your local depot. A Timed Delivery label must also be used.

Is there anything I should remember when sending parcels?

For some helpful tips on packaging see our packaging guidelines.

How do I track my parcels?

You can visit our website: www.dpd.ie. You can use the Quick Track function using the parcel consignment number, or alternatively you can log-in to the MyDPD section to see more detailed tracking information.To obtain your log in details, simply contact webrequest@dpd.ie quoting your account number.

Do you deliver on Saturdays?

We deliver parcels to all parts of Ireland on Saturdays. It is key that you specify that these are to be delivered on Saturday when you request your collection, and use Saturday delivery labels also.

Where can I view PODs (Proof of Delivery)

To view PODs you need to log-in on the MyDPD section on www.dpd.ie. To request a log-in please email itsupport@dpd.ie.

How do I track parcels which have been sent abroad?

In the same way that you track parcels delivered around Ireland, just visit www.dpd.ie and use our tracking tools.

Who is my contact in Customer Services?

Any questions you have regarding parcel delivery can be answered by your local depot or by using our web chat service (located at the bottom right hand corner of the DPD Ireland Home Page. 

What is my online Log-In?

If you have an account with DPD we can provide you with a log-In to view full tracking information, please contact itsupport@dpd.ie

How do I reorder consignments notes / labels / Despatch It

You can request these from your local depot

Are my parcels insured?

DPD Ireland provides standard liability insurance for all parcels sent.  Click here for details of the insurance over available.

Where can I send parcels?

DPD Ireland provides an overnight delivery service anywhere in Ireland and deliver to the UK within 48 hours. We also have a Cost Effective Road & Air service to Europe and beyond. For further information contact your local depot or email sales@dpd.ie.

Are there any goods I cannot send?

We will always do our best to accommodate your needs. However, for Health & Safety reasons there are some products we cannot carry. They include: Dangerous Goods, Hazardous Goods, Flammable Products, Living Animals, Perishable Food, Cash (including Cheques or any other vouchers with a face value), jewellery, glass, precious metals or antiques, liquids, pornography. Further details are available here.

What other services does DPD Ireland provide?

We provide a full range of specialist delivery services, including C.O.D., Timed Delivery, Receipt Return and SwapIT. We also have a suite of Logistics and Fulfilment services from our fully integrated warehousing in Athlone. For further information contact sales@dpd.ie.

How do I stay informed about new developments in DPD

We would be delighted to email you any news and updates on DPD Ireland. Simply email us at update@dpd.ie and we will add you to our mailing list.

What if I can’t see full tracking of my parcel?

If your parcel hasn't yet arrived into our network, no tracking will be available. For further details, contact your local depot or use our web chat service located at the bottom right hand corner of the DPD Ireland Home Page. 

What if my parcels are delivered late?

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, some delivery delays may be experienced. Should you have an urgent query, contact your local depot or use our web chat service which you can find located at the bottom right corner of the DPD Ireland Home Page. 

What time will my parcels be delivered?

We offer next working day delivery nationwide

Does DPD offer a COD service?

We offer a cheque on delivery service. You must register for this service. Please contact your local depot.

I'm an FBA seller - where do I go for information re. shipping with DPD?
For details on the DPD service for FBA, just click on https://dpd.ie/fbaparcel