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Deliveries to DPD Pickup Points

Deliveries can be routed directly to your nearest DPD Pickup Point for convenience and flexibility. With almost 600 DPD Pickup Points located throughout the country there’s always one close by.

You can organise delivery to Pickup in a variety of ways:

  1. Sign up for ParcelWizard today and you can arrange for any or all of your deliveries to route to your favourite DPD Pickup Point so that you can collect it at your convenience.

  2. Opt for the Pickup delivery option when you receive your Predict notifications about impending delivery.

  3. Encourage etailers you shop from to include DPD Pickup as a delivery option on their site so that you can select at Check Out.


Individual Expandable

How it works

It’s so simple! 

If your consignment is scheduled for delivery to a Pickup location, 

you’ll receive a text and email from us on the day delivery is due telling you the time from which you can collect your parcel and providing you with a PIN number. 


On arrival at the Pickup Point, simply give your name to the store representative who will retrieve your parcel. He/she will ask you for your PIN number which will be entered into the store’s secure tracking device. 

Provided that the PIN details match the parcel information, your parcel will be released and you’re on your way. Your parcel will be held for collection at the Pickup Point for 5 working days.

Individual Expandable

Parcel Size Guidelines

We can only accept parcels for delivery to the Pickup network that fall within the following guidelines:

Maximum weight – 20kg
Maximum length – 1m
Girth: Maximum 250 cm
(i.e. total circumference of the parcel)
Length 50cm X Width 50cm X Height 50cm = 250cm)

Individual Expandable

Banned from Carriage

We always do our best to accommodate your needs, but for Health and Safety and other reasons, there are certain goods that we cannot accept into our Pickup locations

These Include:


Dangerous goods
Hazardous goods
Flammable goods
Perishable food
Cash (including cheques, bank drafts or any other vouchers with a face value)

The following items are specifically not accepted:


Acids (including batteries) Antiques
Bathroom Suites Explosives (including fireworks)
Glue Liquid Ink and items containing ink
Living animals (including and fowl) Metal grid screens (large)
Narcotics Paint and paint-like substances
Pornography Jewelery
Precious Metals Radioactrive materials
Wet Ice White Goods (ie fridges, washing machines etc.)

Please note this is not an exhaustive list.  If you are unsure whether the goods you wish to receive into the Pickup Point are acceptable for carriage, please contact parcelwizard@dpd.ie