To minimise any delay or inconvenience, please follow the addressing guidelines below.

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Packaging Guidelines

Following these guidelines will help ensure that your parcels travel safely and securely through the DPD network. 

  • Always select the size of the package according to its content. Under-filled boxes may collapse in transit; over packed boxes may burst 
  • Use additional cushioning materials to give extra support to smaller items 
  • Be selective about the materials used for your packaging – choose boxes made of good quality, corrugated cardboard 
  • Use strapping, when suitable, to seal and secure your box – however, ensure the strapping does not cover the barcode or address label! 
  • If sealing a box with tape, ensure that strong tape is used in sufficient quantity 
  • Fragile goods must be cushioned – place them in the centre of the box with additional cushioning on all sides. Use a Fragile label 
  • Ensure liquids are stored in leak-free containers, packed with a lightweight, strong, internal material and sealed with a plastic bag. Always remember that bad packaging may cause damage to surrounding items. Use a Fragile label 
  • If liquid is travelling in glass bottles, ensure that there is adequate internal packaging i.e. cushioning around each bottle, and cardboard separators separating each one. Also ensure that the glass is sufficiently cushioned top and bottom. Use a Fragile label 
  • Fragile labels are no substitute for good packaging –they will improve awareness within our network but damage may still occur if the items are not adequately packaged and cushioned 
  • Double seal any semi-liquids or strong smelling product with adhesive tape to avoid leakage 
  • Bad packaging results in damage – damage may not be confined just to your product! 
  • Always ship powders in strong plastic bags, securely sealed and packed in a rigid box 
  • Use "this way up" label for liquid or semi-liquid materials 
  • When using cylindrical tubes for maps and documents, ensure that the barcode label is not wrapped around the tube – the barcode must be in a straight line in order to be scanned and the tube routed correctly 
  • Hession bags do not allow labels to be adhered to easily – please ensure that such bags are adequately sealed and that the label and barcode are adequately adhered to the bag (we suggest using a tie on tag to act as a base for adhesion of the barcode) 
  • Ensure that small items are adequately packaged - ask your driver for a Dispatch It bag if you wish to send a small envelope 
  • Protect data discs, audio and video-tapes with cushioning around each 
  • Gift wrapping is not sufficient for transit through the DPD distribution system. Remember your parcel will be handled numerous times from point of collection to point of delivery.
  • Complete address fully and concisely. Include a contact name and a telephone number. If the sender’s details are visible, ensure that these are of much less prominence on the parcel in order to avoid misrouting. 
  • If using recycled packaging, please ensure that all old labels and barcodes are removed. If not removed, the parcel may be incorrectly routed!