Our vision for sustainability is to be the most sustainable parcel company on the island of Ireland. We are on a journey of fleet decarbonisation to reduce CO2 per parcel -90% by 2030.

Delivering a greener future

Fleet Decarbonisation

Our delivery fleet represents over half of our total emissions. That's why we are investing a further €3m in fleet decarbonisation by 2025. Switching our Linehaul trucks to 100% renewable HVO biofuel and deploying 100% electric vans will reduce our total emissions by 90% by 2030 (vs 2020).

Green Buildings

We work together with our depots to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste and support local communities through our Green Flag Project. We produce our own renewable energy via solar PV at our Athlone hub.

Air Quality

100 of our Dublin vans carry air quality sensors which produce a live map of Dublin's air quality. This data is shared for free with authorities, because information inspires action.

Waste Reduction

We are acting to reduce our waste streams, by recycling, reusing and switching to returnable options for plastic, cardboard and pallet waste. Our sustainable packaging project seeks to improve the packaging we carry for customers, while maintaining a superb delivery experience.

Emissions Reporting

Since 2013, we have calculated our Co2 and other environmental impacts. Our emissions reporting tools allow us to calculate our customer's scope 3 emissions. This makes us an ideal partner for companies who wish to track and reduce their own emissions.

Closer Communities

Our Closer Communities initiative seeks to support local communities through numerous charitable projects including Lego collection for the Jack and Jill Foundation, our Access For All project on the River Shannon and our Earth Fund supporting innovative causes.

Air Quality Monitoring Programme

Air Quality Monitoring Programme

View our fleet of diesel vans and trucks, operated by or for DPD Ireland, represents over 2/3 of our emissions. That is why we have committed over €2m to decarbonising our transport operations. We will do this by switching our last mile 3.5t vans to fully electric alternatives. We have already deployed over 50 of these quieter, greener vehicles to towns and cities across the island of Ireland. As of March 2022, we have installed 55 7.3kw and 11kw AC chargers in 15 depots in Ireland