Non-Conveyable Items


DPD's hub and sortation system is fully automated minimising parcel handling and improving routing. Any parcel that cannot be handled by the automated sortation system will incur a Non-Conveyable Surcharge as it has to be manually processed.



Non-conveyable Surcharge T&C

The non-conveyable surcharge applies to parcels that for any reason cannot travel on the conveyor system including, but not limited to the below reasons. This is not an exhaustive list. 


  • Parcels/Sheets under 10mm in depth

  • Dimensions exceed 1200mm x 700mm x 700mm (or 31kg in weight) but not more than 2200mm x 900mm x 900mm. Please note that if one of these dimensions is exceeded, the non-compatible surcharge must be charged. 

  • If dimensions are greater than 2200mm in length and/or 900mm in width/depth, then the non-conveyable charge is no longer applicable and €15/ £15 oversize charge is put in place instead (regardless of weight).

  • Parcel is not well packaged; has foil wrapping, loose banding or strapping (Parcels shrink-wrapped, bubble wrapped or externally strapped can potentially snag on the automated system, causing serious delays and damage.)

  • Parcel contents not contained within the packaging – i.e. items protruding, as well as parcels wrapped/ strapped together. 

  • Parcel is not stable and prone to rolling while in motion (Contents deemed unstable are a potential roll risk. The sortation system operates to a height of 30 feet above floor level, and while all reasonable measures are taken to protect our staff, on health and safety grounds these parcels are deemed unsafe to travel on a conveyor)

  • Cooler Boxes & Power Tool Boxes

  • The majority of Gym Gear shipped is Non-Conveyable


Please click here for further information on the Non-Conveyable Surcharge.