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Collection and Delivery

To arrange parcel collection, please contact your local DPD Ireland Depot

You can track parcels on our website using our Quick Track Function on the homepage or by logging into the My DPD area of our website.  Further details on collection and delivery are available in the FAQ section

Third Party Collections 

To improve operational processes and to eliminate the need for a sender to complete a consignment note, we have introduced a new Collection Card which will be used when our driver is effecting a collection from a third party. 

All third party collections must be pre-booked, either via web collections or via your local DPD depot. If you don't have access to web collections, please contact our IT Support Team at itsupport@dpd.ie and they will get you set up. 

When our driver arrives at your (or your customer's) premises to effect collection, the parcel must be fully addressed. 

Our driver will check the collection details on his/her handheld device, and once confirmed, a collection label, which includes the tracking number, will be placed on the parcel. He/She will scan the barcode which links the tracking number to the collection request. A receipt will be left with the shipper - the receipt includes the tracking number which can then be used to track the parcel via dpd.ie

You can book up to 10 parcels in the same collection request. Each parcel will be given a different tracking number and priced per singular parcel; however there is no need for several collections going to the same address and each individual tracking number will be noted against the one collection request. Each parcel will be priced and charged individually.