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Packing your Parcel

Carefully packing your parcel for returns is important. All items carried need to be packed to a high standard to ensure that they will arrive in pristine condition.
Following the below guidelines will help ensure that your parcels travel safely and securely through the DPD network.

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Packing your Parcel

Choose suitable packaging for your parcel. Use strong cardboard in order to keep the contents safe throughout the journey. 

The contents of the parcel should fit well inside the box, allowing for additional protection/padding if nesessary. (we recommend at least 5cm of padding)

Wrapping the contents in bubble wrap/Polystyrene chips/newspaper will ensure extra protection. To restrict movement of the contents use more filler/padding to fill the empty spaces. 

 Once you have your parcel packed sufficiently, it is very important to seal your parcel with strong packing tape. Make sure to pay particular attention to the top and bottom flaps and seal along any edges.


Ensure that only one clear, detailed address in on the box

  • Include contact name and telephone number of consignee
  • Please do not hide from view any part of the barcode or delivery address with tape, banding etc. Remember, the barcode routes the parcel!
  • If recycling boxes, please remove all old labels and markings